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"Lincoln: A Man For All Times" is endorsed by the Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and the National Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. Both commissions recognize that this special project offers the user a wonderful selection of original music, creative art, an historically accurate script, and an exciting drama that will bring Abraham Lincoln to life for students, teachers and audiences. It is an all-inclusive original six song/thirty minute musical play with a demo and performance soundtrack. Also available are prop/costuming ideas, full video performance on DVD, and scenic design ideas to assist in the development and production of this musical play.

Also included in the Classroom Kit are Lesson Activities, Extension Activities, numerous Open Response Questions for primary and intermediate age level students, Multiple Choice Questions, Writing Portfolio Connections and more all on CD.

If you are looking for an exciting Lincoln Project that will provide your classroom or entire school with memorable learning experiences, "Lincoln: A Man For All Times", needs to be your choice.

Elementary Music Teachers, Colleagues, Friends

Are you looking for a musical that offers not just entertainment, but also solid core content? Then you need to take a look at this quality Musical Play. Sometimes it’s hard to find a musical that does more than just entertain, plus they are always expensive. How do we justify the time, money and resources it takes to produce a quality elementary musical in relation to the true benefits that our students receive from it?

We have a solution that will interest you!

We are approaching the Bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, and in Kentucky we are going to celebrate it in a big way, for it was here in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky that Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, was born. Glen Rice, a talented former educator, songwriter, and native Kentuckian from Hodgenville (the birthplace of Lincoln), has composed a theme song which has been submitted for consideration as the national Lincoln Bicentennial Celebration song. This original piece, “A Man For All Times”, has inspired the creation of this special musical through a collaborative effort from Glen Rice (co-composer), Pam Thurman (co-composer), Chris Carmichael (a professional musician who has recorded with such performers as Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Larnell Harris, Sarah Evans, Toby Keith, Kathy Mattea, Peter Cetera, Alison Krauss, B. J. Thomas and others), and Bart Lovins (director of the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center in Elizabethtown, Kentucky).

As educators, we are providing a quality musical/educational package. This musical will encourage collaboration among teachers in the areas of music, art, drama, dance, as well as classroom teachers. It will also provide students with a complete learning experience that will truly bring Abraham Lincoln to life.

This musical, in addition to its emphasis on Lincoln, also facilitates curriculum studies such as Famous Americans, Black History, U.S. History and Government.

The musical play, “Lincoln: A Man For All Times”, has been developed to reinforce core content in the areas of arts and humanities and social studies. Within these areas, geography, dance, drama, art, etc., have also been included. Open response questions for various grade levels using the Kentucky Core Content 4.1 document, and the National Standards are built into the Classroom Kit. Also included are lesson plans, extension plans, and writing portfolio connections. The following rationale has been provided:

  • AH - 05-1.1.1:  Students will analyze or explain the use of elements of music in a variety of music (reading and learning new music)
  • AH - 05-1.1.2:  Students will identify and describe various styles of music (lullaby, patriotic) AH - 06-1.1.3: (Broadway musical, gospel)
  • AH - 05-2.1.1:  Students will describe or explain how music has been part of cultures and periods throughout history (traditional Appalachian instruments: dulcimer, guitar, fiddle)
  • AH - 05-3.3.1:  Students will describe or explain how drama/theatre fulfills a variety of purpose (sharing the human experience, passing on tradition and culture)
  • SS - 05-1.3.1:  Students will explain the basic principles of democracy (e.g. justice, equality, responsibility, freedom) found in significant U.S. historical documents and analyze why they are important today (Lincoln’s dilemma of slavery leading to civil war, excerpt from “The Gettysburg Address”)
  • SS - 05-4.4.1:  Students will explain and give examples of how people adapted to/modified the physical environment (natural resources, etc.) to meet the needs during the history of the U.S. (Lincoln family’s one-room log home near Hodgenville, Kentucky)

Incorporating the core content and open response questions will encourage students to use their critical thinking skills. This musical could also spawn writing portfolio possibilities, classroom discussions, etc. across the various grade levels. As you can see, this musical play has the ability to touch many areas of the curriculum and provide an excellent learning experience for all elementary students.

There are other benefits from “Lincoln: A Man For All Times”, such as character education with emphasis on honesty, integrity, hard work, and respect for all races and creeds.

The music will be fun to learn and perform. Syncopated rhythms are written in simple notation; optional two-part vocal harmony occurs in places; simple dance movements and a variety of musical styles give contrast and promote interest and enthusiasm in your students as well as the audience.

Be sure to listen to the free on-line audio sampler with excerpts from each song. This musical can be easily produced and performed. You have the option of puchasing either a total Classroom Kit or a Teacher Kit to facilitate your needs. The Classroom Kit comes with many helpful resources and is all-inclusive, while the Teacher Kit contains the bare essentials necessary to produce the play.

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